Things have changed since Hamburger Helper premiered in the 1970s. Instead of targeting working moms, the company is shifting its marketing strategy to millennials and young males. - 

Hamburger Helper is changing with the times. The company is changing its name to simply, Helper. 

For one thing, hamburger is no longer America's main protein. Chicken has taken that title away.

And General Mills, the company behind Hamburger Helper, is pushing to consolidate its other flavors under the Helper name.

"They've had other varieties. There's Tuna Helper, there's Chicken Helper." Venessa Wong, reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek says. "They decided hamburger felt a little outdated and was limiting the brand."

Another reason for the change: Social media.

"Today, working moms are still their core demographic, however, they found that lots of young men are also eating Helper," Wong says. "Half of the people that are talking about Helper on Twitter are young men."

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