Retirement piggy
Older Americans staring at retirement in the face are finding it hard to save. So how does the millennial generation -- which faces a struggling economy and high student debt -- feel about life after work? - 

Remember the Aesop's fable about the ant and the grasshopper? These days, when it comes to retirement, more Americans are acting like grasshoppers than ants. According to a new report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, just shy of 60 percent of retirees say they have less than $25,0000 saved. And only about half of us have even taken the time to figure out what we'll need to live on after we retire.

If older Americans are finding it hard to save, when they're staring retirement in the face, think how much harder it must be for millennials. Retirement seems so far away to them, for one thing -- and then there's the struggling economy, stagnant wages and heaping student debt.

Recently some of our colleagues at Youth Radio got together to share what they're expecting from life after work. Click play on the audio player to hear what they have to say.