Listen To The Story

Marketplace has seen some folks come and go throughout the years. This special ReMarket podcast takes a look at a very familiar voice -- former Marketplace D.C. bureau chief, John Dimsdale. John worked out of the D.C. bureau for 22 years until this summer.

Colleagues say Dimsdale provided a steady hand to Marketplace’s D.C. coverage. He filed stories not only from D.C. but around the country, and once even reported a story about in-flight Wi-Fi in the air. His voice hit the airwaves before his plane even landed.

This past September, former colleagues celebrated Dimsdale’s years at Marketplace -- and after some of Dimsdale’s home-brewed beer, guests presented Dimsdale with a special show produced for the occasion and generously hosted by Kai Ryssdal.

We've decided to tweak that special so that our listeners who have heard John Dimsdale for decades could also take part in seeing him off. So enjoy this special ReMarket podcast and feel free to write any good Dimsdale memories in the comments section.