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Podcast: Out with the new and in with the old

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President Obama holds back to back meetings with labor leaders — today — and business leaders, tomorrow.  Then Friday congressional leaders from both parties head to the White House to plot our path back from the precipice — that dreaded fiscal cliff of spending cuts and tax hikes.

Home Depot reported higher than expected profits this morning. The rising housing market, and consumer spending in general, are carrying Home Depot right along with them.   

Steven Sinofsky, who was president of Microsoft’s flagship product Windows, is leaving the company. His departure comes as a surprise, less than one month after the release of Windows 8.

Estimates suggest that property damage along the New Jersey coast could hit $20 billion. That could mean a lot of beach front property for sale.

In Northeast there are still tens of thousands of people without electricity and that’s got a lot of power grid experts asking whether its time to rethink our electrical infrastructure.

The LA Lakers got a new coach this week: His name is Mike D’Antoni. Some Laker fans were hoping the team could appeal to former coach Phil Jackson to come out of retirement, and get the team back to championship status. So, how does that kind of “out with new in with the old” strategy work in business?

Lots of things to be thankful for this year. Friends, family, and how about this new teen pop song from Nicole Westbrook, coming out on iTunes tomorrow — just in time for the holiday? It’s produced by the same guy who did the notorious “Friday,” 2011’s most “disliked” video on YouTube. Be thankful this year’s turkey has shelf life of only about two weeks.

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