Listen to the audio podcast of the Marketplace No Horse, No Race live election road show from WUNC in Raleigh, N.C. - 

You’ve heard the saying: "It's the economy, stupid." But truth is you are not stupid for not understanding the economy in this election year. Enter the Marketplace Live "No Horse, No Race" Election Road Shows. Listen to the archive recording of Marketplace Live: No Horse, No Race, broadcast in front of a live audience at The Rialto in downtown Raleigh in cooperation with public radio station WUNC. The one-hour show featured engaging conversation, lively interviews and fun as we get you away from the noise of political advertising and he-said vs. he-said. 

Featured guests included:

Kai Ryssdal, host and senior editor of Marketplace. Tess Vigeland, host of Marketplace Money. Paddy Hirsch, senior producer of Personal Finance at Marketplace and the creator and host of Marketplace Whiteboard, a video explainer of financial and economic terms. And Marketplace Washington D.C. and Election reporter David Gura.

Also, hear a small business owner and her son discussing the election, and why one is undecided and the other—a first time voter—isn’t. Listen to a conversation about North Carolina's economy with economist Patrick Conway and a Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane joins for a look at the local economy.

And listen to a conversation about higher education with Randy Woodson, chancellor of North Carolina State, and Stephen Scott, president at Wake Technical College, one of the biggest community colleges in N.C.

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