You've heard of the aphorism, "You are what you eat." And if that's true, then the items inside your refrigerator can really say a lot about you or your family.

A fridge that's well-stocked with a lot of organic produce means something entirely different than one that's full of expired, packaged food. Other factors -- how packed it is, how the condiments look, the state of your leftovers, how much fresh food is in there -- offer some insight into your refrigerator economy.

Take a look at one of the Marketplace refrigerators in the photo above. There are obviously a few Trader Joe's fans in the office (someone's got a whole paper bag in there), and we sure do like our salads (btw, our fridge was just cleaned -- you might have shuddered at what it looked like before). You can draw your own conclusions about us based on what's inside our fridge.

So, we want to know -- what's your refrigerator economy? How do the items in your fridge represent your own personal economy? Send us a photo of the stuff inside of your fridge.

Or submit your photos via our Facebook or Twitter accounts and help us determine the refrigerator economies of our listeners.

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