Ever wish you could click play and never stop listening to Marketplace? Now you can. Tune in for our brand new infinite listening experience on Slacker Radio.
Ever wish you could click play and never stop listening to Marketplace? Now you can. Tune in for our brand new infinite listening experience on Slacker Radio. - 

Radio is changing. If you don't believe me, listen to this.

What you'll hear is a brand new listening experience launched today by the Marketplace Digital team - an infinite playlist of Marketplace radio stories culled from each of our programs and delivered to your computer, mobile device, home entertainment system and car dashboard via Slacker Radio.

Bite-sized audio
If you're a fan of our radio programs things are going to sound a little different. Instead of send you a podcast of our 30-minute afternoon show heard on your local public radio station, we're chopping it up -- creating individual stories from each segment. And we're doing this for all of our shows, which means our infinite playlist also presents stories from Marketplace Money, the Marketplace Tech Report, the Marketplace Morning Report, and exclusive audio content produced for our website and podcast audiences.

In addition to expanding our sound with this new Slacker Radio channel, it also extends our reach way beyond your FM radio. You can tune in to the Marketplace channel on Slacker Radio with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7 , Palm, or Nokia mobile devices. It's also available for Ford's Sync car-dashboard entertainment system. And you can listen via home-entertainment devices from Roku, Sony, Logitech, Sonos, and more.

Mobile listening apps like Slacker Radio are changing the future radio. The idea of tuning in at a set time each day to listen to a fixed-length program is the antithesis of what some media consumers expect in this age of always-on, instant media. That means radio companies like us need to change the way we think of audio - the way we make it, the way we distribute it, and the way it sounds. And it no longer just takes good hosts and reporters to do that, it takes good technology and algorithms.

Help us tune the algorithm: Send us your feedback
Slacker Radio uses a sophisticated algorithm to present our latest and most important stories. The order takes into account the date and time a story was published, the editorial priority our editors and producers give it, and your personal interests and listening habits. Getting that algorithm tuned just right is a work in progress and we could use your help to make it better.

Spend some time with Marketplace on Slacker Radio and tell us what you think. Then post a comment here or send us your feedback by email.

Happy listening!

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