Sunset at Santa Monica Beach.
Sunset at Santa Monica Beach. - 
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Summer can be a drag when you're stuck in the office. It's just as laborious for a staff of journalists trying to put together a news show, when all the newsmakers are out in the Hamptons.

This year, Marketplace producers and editors even got together to brainstorm how to cover the summer itself. Lots of ideas got tossed around -- including some that were rejected. But we hit on a few stories that you will hear on all the Marketplace shows in the coming weeks. One that may be particularly compelling is a look at how, even though Americans are cutting back on vacation, Europeans are refusing to give up their time off.

And so, despite the slooowwww drip of summer news, we got some fun stories. Plus, summer also involved a new introduction at Marketplace -- incoming New York reporter Mark Garrison.

Also, don't miss our interview with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack about the devastating drought happening in the Midwest.

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