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Tea Party, Republicans await S.C. primary

Jeremy Hobson Jan 19, 2012

Jeremy Hobson: Now to South Carolina, where in just two days, voters will cast their primary votes in the Republican presidential race. Mitt Romney leads in the latest polls, even though many Tea Party supporters see him as too moderate on the issues.

Jean Hampton is one of the founding members of the South Carolina Tea Party, and she joins us now from Myrtle Beach. Good morning.

Jean Hampton: Good morning.

Hobson: Well when this race began — way back when — what exactly were you looking for in a candidate? What did you want most in the next president?

Hampton: I think it’s getting people back to work and creating jobs.

Hobson: So who have you settled on in the race?

Hampton: I support Rick Perry’s platform, because I look at him as really, a true outsider from Washington D.C. I like his idea of a part-time Congress.

Hobson: All right, well then let me ask you this: what if Mitt Romney becomes the nominee? What are you going to do?

Hampton: I will support the nominee for the Republican party. But I will expect him to go to Washington D.C. to support my conservative issues as well.

Hobson: Anything bother you about Mitt Romney?

Hampton: I think he is a little bit too unstable in his stance. I know he has changed his mind, which is everybody’s prerogative. But I would prefer someone that has been more straight-down-the-line conservative.

Hobson: What about these ads that are running in South Carolina involving his time at Bain Capital — are those affecting your view at all?

Hampton: I know he’s a businessman, and sometimes businesses do fail. In order to create more growth, you have to go through that process sometimes. So I’d give him the benefit of the doubt on that; he is more of a businessperson than I am.

Hobson: Jean Hampton is one of the founding members of the South Carolina Tea Party. She was speaking with us Myrtle Beach. Thanks Jean.

Hampton: Thank you so much.

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