Kimjongil funeral
In this photo taken on December 28, 2011 a car carries a portrait of Kim Jong-Il, (lower R) in front of the procession carrying Kim's body (upper L) during the funeral procession in Pyongyang. - 

This final note today. From North Korea, where a black hearse carried the departed Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il through the streets of Pyongyang to his grave today.

The hearse that carried him was actually a 35-year old Michigan-made Lincoln Continental. An interesting choice given the state of U.S.-North Korean relations.

Also worth noting: It appears North Korean State Television didn't have enough cameras to cover the entire funeral procession. After about 20 minutes, the channel cut to interviews with mourners, then came back with more of the procession. Though one observer said the light in the sky got brighter on TV as evening approached outside, suggesting the shots were probably not live.

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