Easy Street

Easy Street: Goldman Sachs to Carl Levin: Nyah Nyah Nyah

Heidi Moore May 26, 2011

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Bankers & Finance

UBS – formerly the Union Bank of Switzerland – is looking to move outside Switzerland, to get away from strict bank regulations. Come to America! We haven’t properly regulated anything in years.

The bank stock bubble bursting.

Goldman Sachs clients are so over Senator Carl Levin’s charges against Goldman Sachs, [says Goldman Sachs](reut.rs/kXrzmL $GS). To modify an old joke, “Who are you going to believe, Carl Levin or your own eyes?”

Fund Managers & Investing

Morgan Stanley is allowing brokers to tweet. But the soulless corporatized hierarchy-approved tweets will be boring, protests Josh Brown.

“Affluent investors both hate the market and can’t stop throwing money at it.”

The latest from the Libyan Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund that manages the country’s assets and investments: they’re not the greatest stock investors. They’re down 17% for the year. Tough times all over.

Related: Gaddafi had his money in a bank. How did Libyan rebels get it? With a drill, and a locksmith. (Hat tip to Bloomberg’s Lizzie O’Leary).

Markets & Traders

The SEC charged a former Nasdaq employee with insider trading. He worked at a market-news unit and then traded on the news before it went out.

New York Stock Exchange: no longer free to look.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and its relationship to U.S. GDP.

Corporate America

Mark Zuckerberg is killing animals in order to eat them. In fact, he will only eat animals he kills. Surely stalking deer and slicing the throats of chickens will distract from his time at Facebook? Also, you have to imagine that the Winklevii are pretty nervous right now.

Politicians & Regulation

The U.S. Postal Service keeps getting bailouts from the U.S. Treasury. It may not survive.

Elizabeth Warren, folk heroine.

Recreational Reading

Your mother was right: if you are a woman with a brooding expression, your face will freeze in an unsexy way.

The entire movie of Too Big to Fail condensed into 80 seconds.

Jon Huntsman likes REO Speedwagon, Jefferson Airplane and the Foo Fighters. This should be the first question any reporter asks of a political candidate, because the answers are always incredibly entertaining.

Remember this. Unless you’re Bernie Madoff.

Love, in algorithm form.

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