Posted by Christina Huh

For Marketplace Money, Friday, May 20, 2011

FEMA may have another PR nightmare on their hands: They're demanding money back from disaster victims. Tess Vigeland talks to the San Diego Union Tribune reporter who profiled a couple who owes FEMA $1,600 about why the agency is asking for payments.

When do your parents give up control of your finances? Comedian Tim Bedore muses about this question after his daughter talks about a cousin who supposedly got a tattoo with "her" money. And regardless of who's money it is, people need to be thinking about retirement, but Gen-Xers and beyond are hesitant to sink their money into Wall Street.

The job market is picking up and also more than ever, companies are hiring their interns. Also reporter Jennifer Collins pays a visit to ING's cafe/bank, where you can get financial questions answered and have a latte too. Here are the songs we played:

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