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Citigroup: It's hoping to make more money by managing deposits for....regular people. How novel.

Goldman Sachs: One bank is not to blame for the entire financial crisis. Steven Davidoff at DealBook smartly encourages a look at the common flaws of an entire industry.

How to fix the banks: Ken Rogoff talks to David Brancaccio about some solutions for our ills.

Bond Markets

Munis: I say "municipal finance crisis," you say "collective bargaining failure." Let's call the whole thing off.

The Washington Matrix

Familiar bedfellows: The financial industry showers the head of the House financial-services committee with contributions. Mystifying.

Props to ProPublica: The Senate report on the financial crisis cited ProPublica's investigations. It's hard to get good, solid information without a subpoena. Congrats to the team there.

Around the Web

How to wear a tie: Choire explains it all (and well)

Itzhak Perlman. Bach. Just nice to hear.

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