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Bretton Woods: If you tweet about your twitter feed does it make a… tweet?

Amanda Aronczyk Apr 11, 2011

Our tweets from Bretton Woods:

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Larry Summers: US not meeting its debt obligations “is like a child playing with matches in a room full of dynamite”

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

RT @matthewstoller: Paul Volcker thinks that Goldman today would be allowed to fail. #INET2011

Just spoke w/ @nfergus . He hopes history can cure over-simple financial crisis narratives. But so far he thinks it’s not working. #INET2011

Ecologist William Rees: ecological deficit vastly more important than fiscal deficit, yet we pay almost no attention to it. #INET2011

According to French economist Jean-Paul Fitoussi, sustainability is all about inheritance. #INET2011 #sustainability

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Simon Johnson rebuts Larry Summers’ claim that banks “paid back” the bailout. “That’s not the cost.” Think job losses. Think debt. #INET2011

Simon Johnson asks the audience if they believe the government would let Goldman Sachs fail. No one raises a hand. #INET2011 #TBTF #finreg

Our life expectancy will increase by 4 hours during this three-day conference, says Ian Goldin. Economics is good for you! #INET2011

Just spoke w/Andrew Sheng, chief advisor to China’s bank regulator. What keeps him up at night? The shadow banking system. #INET2011 #finreg

Gordon Brown: Main thing we missed was systemic risk. Chair of UK’s Financial Services Authority nods from the audience. #INET2011 #finreg

New (to me) term from Gordon Brown: “minilateralism.” He fears we’re headed toward that instead of multilateralism #INET2011

Intved Simon Johnson on “Too Big To Fail” banks. He says we’ve done nothing; next bailout will be for their emerging market bets. #INET2011

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Larry Summers: “We don’t want regulation by the co-opted. But we also don’t want regulation by the ignorant.” #INET2011

Larry Summers: “I’m one of the very few people who went to Washington to get out of politics.” #INET2011 #laughlineforacademics

People who have called for a “new Bretton Woods”: Ronald Reagan, Francois Mitterrand, Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy. George Soros. #INET2011

You know you’re at a conference on economics when… Your swag notebook comes with graph paper #INET2011

Debt expert Kenneth Rogoff just LOLed at the idea that Portugal’s bailout could mark an end to the crisis. #INET2011

Learn this term: “balance sheet recession.” Economist Richard Koo says it’s key to getting why companies (still) aren’t spending. #INET2011

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