AT&T has announced it will start charging extra to DSL customers who use a lot of data.
Beginning May 2nd, customers who exceed 150gb in a month more than three times in the life of their account will be charged an extra $10 for an extra 50gb (and so on if they go over 200). Customers on AT&T's U-Verse have a 250gb limit and will be charged if they go over that after three separate months of doing so.

Do you have any idea how much data you use at home? I don't. No one does. But if AT&T's plan begins to catch on and other providers follow suit, you're going to have to be cognizant of it. The company says it will affect less than 2% of customers today but how about tomorrow when there's more to do on the cloud? More of your files, more movies, more live streaming television? Get out your wallets.

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