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Kai Ryssdal: And finally, time for our weekly version of a stickup, where we walk up to you and ask you to hand over your wallet. So we can see what's inside!

Andre Daniel: My name is Andre Daniel. I live in Oakland, and we are at the Oakland Farmers Market in old town Oakland, near Chinatown.

Inside my wallet is usually not very much, except for cash and identification and one debit card. Normally, over the years, I have preferred to use cash. It seems more direct, it somehow seems more personal. I know that that sounds a little silly.

Let me see, my wallet is pretty standard. It's black and nylon. It is different, because it has the South African flag knit into one of the sides. THis actually isn't my usual wallet. A friend of mine, who was my roommate, he left the wallet when he went traveling to South Africa and to Kenya. I did some traveling in the last few months, and so picked up this. 'Cause I think it sort of represented traveling.

Inside the wallet are just a few items that are reminders. One is actually a friend's number for her alarm, because I have some of my possessions stored in her home. So to turn the alarm on or off, I need to remember the code. And then I have my brother's address. Their home is in Miami, Fla. It's a long address, and I often need to remember it.

Inside the left pouch, in sort of a clear case, I have my friend Megan's business card in here. Because I guess you would say girlfriend, I guess that's how you refer? But when I was traveling, I wanted a reminder of her and of home.

Vigeland: Jenee Darden got this wallet opened for us. And she reports that if Andre sounded a little nervous at the end, it's because his new, uh, girlfriend was standing right there. You can do more wallet-peeping here. And tell us your wallet stories on our Facebook page.

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