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On the Air: Horse Sense

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Kathy Johnson is a small business person in New Hampshire I got to meet covering my story about the trend toward putting financial services online if you live in an area with a lame connection to the internet. Kathy lives out in the sticks near the borders with Canada, Vermont, and Maine because she develops and manufactures products for horses and horses, at last check, enjoy the country.

Kathy’s business is called Lickitybits. She has developed all sorts of things to persuade horses to chomp at their bits. But her signature product is a kind of edible wrap that surrounds the cold, stainless steel bit with something horses like to eat. If you are interested, below is audio of my taste test of the horse treat.

Listen to the taste test:

More seriously, you might be interested to know how I found Kathy, with her useful expertise in the digital divide issue. You may know that Marketplace has a system called Public Insight Journalism that uses advanced, interactive online tools to be able to draw on the expertise of the wider public, including members of our audience. Kathy had once responded to a PIJ query about suffering from the digital divide. We saw it and I called her up.

I am also working on a future Economy 4.0 story about the financial reform law and executive compensation. Here is a link to a Public Insight Journalism question on the subject if you have experience in that area. What we we are interested in exploring with you is this: Is your company taking steps to close the pay gap between workers and CEOs?

You can also sign up here for the Public Insight Journalism network.

Listen to the full story:


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