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VIDEO: Jobs bad, profits OK, Pringles great

Marketplace Staff Aug 6, 2010

The unemployment news for July
just came out, and it’s awfully high.
Once again, the economy’s aching
while companies show us the money they’re making.

Kraft sold a lot of Cheese Nips
and Chips Ahoy and Miracle Whips
and Ritz and Kool-Aid and Shake ‘n Bake
and A1 sauce to put on your steak.

While Procter & Gamble was Head & Shoulders above the rest,
thanks to Crest
and Pampers and Pringles and Bounty and Braun
and Tide and Gillette and Downy and Dawn.

Profits were disappointing at Dow,
which used to own Scrubbing Bubbles, but now
it’s just chemicals, pesticides, Styrofoam,
and plastics and rubber and stuff for your home.

Profits were up at the other Dow —
Jones. It’s one of the things Rupert Murdoch owns
along with the Wall Street Journal and Fox.
You know his shares rose, if you follow the stocks.

Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer along,
expecting bad news and hoping we’re wrong.
Maybe the jobs will come back — we’ll see.
and I’ll see you@marketplace.org.

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