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Small Talk

Small talk: Light sabers, wine machines

Marketplace Staff Jul 2, 2010
Small Talk

Small talk: Light sabers, wine machines

Marketplace Staff Jul 2, 2010


Tess Vigeland: As we wrap things up on this Friday before Independence weekend, let’s take a moment to review not the major news of the week. But the items that didn’t quite make the headlines, courtesy of Brendan Newnam, Rico Gagliano, and select members of the Marketplace staff.

Rico Gagliano: Dalasie Michaelis, web developer, what story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Dalasie Michaelis: Well, apparently this company came up with this sort of light saber that emits a very, very powerful laser.

Gagliano: Wait, a real light saber?

Michaelis: Well, it’s real enough that George Lucas ordered a cease and desist on it, because it resembles a light saber. The company says it “is the most dangerous laser ever created.”

Gagliano: The purpose is of this is what, to have our nation’s geeks accidentally decapitate themselves? We’re in an economic downturn, we need geeks!

Michaelis: I thinking about using it as a laser pointer to scorch my enemies’ PowerPoint presentations.

Brendan Newnam: Bill Radke, host of the Marketplace Morning Report, what’s your story this weekend?

Bill Radke: As I’m pouring the dinner drinks, I’m going to talk about wine vending machines.

Newnam: Is this a fantasy of yours?

Radke: No, no. This is a reality of mine. They have vending machines where you can buy wine by the glass or the taste if you pass the machine’s breathalyzer. Some of the glasses go for $50 apiece.

Newnam: So imagine shoving 50 perfect $1s into a vending machine.

Radke: And if you fail the breathalyzer than the machine will refund your money 200 quarters.

Gagliano: Stacey Vanek-Smith, senior reporter at Marketplace, what story are you gonna be talking about this weekend?

Stacey Vanek-Smith: Worst hangover ever, Rico. This trader, Steven Noel Perkins, just got fined $100,000. He got drunk and he bought a half-a-billion dollars worth of oil futures.

Gagliano: Did that pay off for him?

Vanek-Smith: Actually, his company lost $10 million, and he actually pushed the price of oil up to a record high last year.

Gagliano: I think we owe this guy a great debt. It’s like no matter what mistakes we make while drunk, at least we didn’t buy half-a-billion dollars in oil futures.

Vanek-Smith: I know. I feel so much better about a couple of like really unfortunate karaoke incidents.

Vigeland: You can catch more of Brendan and Rico on their podcast. It’s called The Dinner Party Download.

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