The view from Jonathan Maus' bike in Portland, Ore., traffic.
The view from Jonathan Maus' bike in Portland, Ore., traffic. - 
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Bill Radke: The Cash for Clunkers program ended yesterday
for car shoppers. Car dealers now have until Noon Eastern time today now to file their electronic paperwork and get reimbursed for the rebates they gave customers.

And when something works, of course you copy it. So some people are trying to build on the success
of Cash for Clunkers. Joe Doebele owns a bike store in Portland, Ore.

JOE DOEBELE: What would actually make a difference and make a statement at the same time, would be actually accepting clunker cars, or any cars, through the American Lung Association, bring your receipt in from that, and get a discount on a bike.

Customers also get a discount for a local car-sharing service, so they can still haul their stuff around.

Doebele says you can load stuff from bikes, but a keg on there if you want to, which sounds slightly precarious to me, but a fine idea.