Heidi's consumer product posts have always generated discussion among Greenwash Brigade readers. Start 2009 with a list of Heidi's favorite consumer resource sites. Enjoy, and happy new year!


Personal Care Products (shampoos, cosmetics, deodorants)


  • The Organic Consumers Association has a drop-down menu so you can find local food groups in your state.
  • the Chefs Collaborative is an organization of smart, yummy and ecologically sound chefs and foodies -- they first brought contextual farming issues to the table for chefs on a national basis. (Disclaimer: Siegelbaum is a member of the Chefs Collaborative.)
  • The Healthy Eating Advisor is a balanced nutrition and healthy eating site.
  • The Food Alliance offers ecolabels for food, including the unexpected!
  • Buy local food from your farmer's markets when you can, and organic if possible.
  • Environmental Working Group's Food News has information on which foods contain the most and least pesticides. Don't miss the easy-to-download wallet guide to pesticides.


  • Healthy Toys is a relatively new site. Many toys are laden with lead and other toxics that will wreak havoc on your kid's development -- 2009 is the perfect time to return your toxic baddies!

Energy Issues


  • Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT® is a program of the Green Electronics Council. Although not applicable to all electronics, it provides easy-to-download information on monitors, laptops and notebooks and is being used by many cities and states to help green their computer purchases.
  • Responsible End of Life for electronics at computertakeback.org: Be smart about exiting your electronics -- this site offers tips on putting your computer to rest responsibly.

Healthy Indoor Decor

  • Many indoor products contain toxics that can trigger asthma, allergic reactions and are developmental or neurotoxins. Never use fragrances to mask odors. http://www.greenguard.org.
  • Avoid any consumer product that is labeled with "perfume" or "parfum."

Cleaning Products

Put your faith in non-profit and government sites that provide 3rd party certification for products. Although not always air-tight, they are almost always better than company-generated eco-claims.

(Disclaimer: Siegelbaum is involved in chemical policy through a chemical policy planning committee by the Product Stewardship Institute and the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association.)

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