You have to admire a brand new business going after a behemoth. This morning, Janet Babin covered a new rival search engine called Cuil -- pronounced "cool" -- which is rolling out today on claims that it's three times larger than Google, the search engine so potent it has its own verb. The upstart engine, coined after an old Irish word for "knowledge," was invented by ex-Google employee Anna Patterson, who intends to out-do her old company. Patterson is working with a team of ex-Google engineers and $33 million in venture capital.

I agree with tech blogger Om Malik that the engine looks more like a magazine Web site. He seems to jive with the new display:

My big belief is that "serendipity" is the right way to go as we continue to get immersed (and drowned) in information. From that perspective, Cuil might be on the right track.