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Kai Ryssdal: And finally, there's that Potter book again. Kids have been lining up around the world to get their hands on Volume 7. Stories abound of fans trying to find advance copies on the black market. Which got The Marketplace Players thinking these books are addictive. Really addictive.

Shivering Kid: Hey mister, I need a fix real bad. You got some Potter?

Shady Guy: Do I got some Potter? I got some serious "Deathly Hallows" right here, my man.

Shivering Kid:"Hallows"? What're you asking?

Shady Guy: For valued customers like your bad self? Fifty dollars.

Shivering Kid: Fifty?! But that's three months of paper route money!

Shady Guy: Perhaps you didn't hear me correctly, punk. This ain't no photocopy abridged action. This baby's uncut and opened zero times. Most Potterheads ain't even gonna see this deal until freakin' midnight — you think I'm in the mood to bargain with your 10-year-old face?

Shivering Kid: OK, OK, be cool. Here's the money.

Shady Guy: Awright. Now get outta here before your mama catches you out past your bedtime.

Shivering Kid: I got the first one as a gift from my mama . . .

Shady Guy: Yeah, first one's always free, kid. First one's always free.

Ryssdal: Rico Gagliano and John Rabe were the Marketplace Players today.