Cans of Coca-Cola
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[ Ahem, hey Bubuloo, what's doin'? You thirsty? That's what I thought. ]

BOB MOON: Who would have thought, not so long ago, that you could make a fortune selling water out of Queens, New York?

We've all made it clear we'll pay a premium for bottled water, and the Coca-Cola Company has been paying attention.

There's word this morning Coke has approved the purchase of the country's the No. 2 maker of enhanced water for $4.2 billion in cash and Coke stock.

[ Well you're in luck, you've reached Glaceau, makers of vitaminwater, smartwater and fruitwater ... ]

Why would Coca-Cola be calling on Glaceau to boost its bottom line?

It seems noncarbonated beverages are where the growth is. Their sales have been growing much faster than the ones with bubbles in recent years.