Air traffic controller Sherry Avery
Air traffic controller Sherry Avery - 
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SCOTT JAGOW: It's Friday, time for the Job Files. Today we profile the air traffic controller.

SHERRY AVERY: My name is Sherry Avery, and I'm the air traffic control manager at LAX airport.

One of the most stressful times was when I worked at Burbank Airport and there was a small airplane at night that got caught near clouds and the pilot was not qualified to fly in or near clouds. I was able to give him turns to lead him toward a small airport that he landed at safely, but it was very stressful in the middle because I worried that he was going to be okay.

I love the challenge. I love being able to herd cats. Also, looking out the window and seeing a 777 or a 747 lift-off, it's so cool to see. And the tower cab is 275 feet above the ground. It's the best view in town.

JAGOW: This Job File was produced by Karen Ness.