U.S. puts tariffs on Chinese solar panels

A worker cleans solar panels at a solar photovoltaic power station in Xining of Qinghai Province, China.

David Brancaccio: The U.S. believes China is dumping solar panels at below-market prices in America and has hit back with a penalty of 31 percent. That tariff is surprisingly steep and as Marketplace's Rob Schmitz reports from Beijing, the reaction in China is dismay.

Rob Schmitz: The U.S. decision to slap tariffs of more than 31 percent on Chinese solar panels will undoubtedly prompt a Chinese response, says Meng Xiangang, Vice Director of the China Renewable Energy Society.

Meng Xiangang: If China's treated unfairly, it'll probably retaliate.

Meng says this will have a huge impact on the Chinese solar industry. He says the U.S. -- and the rest of the world -- benefit from cheap Chinese solar panels.

Xiangang: Chinese solar panels help protect the global environment. This tariff hike will raise the price of all solar panels, whether they're from China or not. This is very irresponsible.

But U.S. solar panel companies applauded the decision, saying that cheap Chinese solar panels have undercut their business for years, leading to lost manufacturing jobs throughout the country.

In Shanghai, I'm Rob Schmitz, for Marketplace.

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Rob Schmitz is Marketplace’s China correspondent in Shanghai.
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US tariffs on Chinese solar panels:
- Sure it will help US production for domestic use. Meanwhile, for a short time, solar panels will become more expensive in the U.S. because the cheaper ones will be in short supply, and the US market may not be ready to supply a heightened demand. Congress could help out by passing incentives, but they WILL NOT, as long as the Republicans are hell-bent on running the Dems out of power. Such is the climate of Power Politics, wherein the politicians just want to increase their own influence which results in more money for them and their party. It will be a never-ending circle of Selfishness! This kind of manipulation happens in poorer (i.e. so-called Third World) nations; the nation's welfare is rarely given priority. Now the U.S. is joining the Third World nations in depriving its economy of growth, because the voting population is divided by unpatriotic politicians who put their own profit before their country. It is time to revive the old slogan: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Rather ask what you can do for your country". But that won't work, because it will be considered a partisan slogan. These are the joys of the Individualist political philosophy. Our political system can work for the good of the entire population, but the power-hungry politicians will not let that happen!

Ultimately, American politicians are no better than the politicians of the so-called Socialist countries! WE, AMERICANS MUST DO MUCH BETTER THAN THE "SOCIALIST COUNTRIES" . We must elect leaders who are more honest in their private and official work. We need to examine and compare the records of the candidates, and vote for the more honest ones, while putting aside our more selfish personal motives.

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