Hey pervs! Chatroulette saw what you did!

Chatroulette is this web site where you can have random (thus the roulette part) chats with strangers via the webcam on your computer. It was wildly popular when it first launched, largely among the curious and the pervs (and, I suppose, the curious pervs). People would go on there naked and do, you know, stuff. Now, Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy, a Russian teenager, says the company is logging IP addresses and saving screen shots of offensive users. And they're handing them over to law enforcement agencies. Sorry pervs! This comes at a time when Ternovskiy has been consulting with tech industry veterans from the US on how to take a popular idea and turn it into a legit business.

This is where I would ordinarily post a safe for work picture that goes with the theme of Chatroulette and pervs but a few minutes of searching left me grossed out and depressed so here's a picture of a kitty and a ducky:

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