Blackberry woes

Yesterday Blackberry service went out for millions in Europe, Africa, and India. The outage lasted about a day, but service has been mostly restored. Customers were only able to send texts and make calls (gasp!), but email, web services, and instant messaging were not available. The thing that really got users angry was when they went home to watch TV, all they saw were reruns of Joan of Arcadia, Bernie Mac, and That 70's Show. Those are all shows from 2003, get it? Only being able to make phone calls and text is like living in 2003. Sheesh!

And this morning Blackberry users are reported another system outage. So what happens when your (virtual) world virtually shuts down? Will this be the final straw for Research in Motion, the company who makes Blackberry phones and is already rumored to have been in a downward spiral?

About the author

Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show.


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