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Too bad for AT&T that its deal to take over T-Mobile was wasn’t allowed to go through. Not only does it have to pay $4 billion to T-Mobile for the deal gone south, but it has to figure out a way to raise money for its new, faster LTE network. How to get money fast... hmmm, let’s see. I know - raise your rates! And that’s what AT&T plans to do. Starting January 22, new AT&T customers will see the following increases in data plans: $20 for 300 mb (up from $15 for 200 mb), $30 for 3 GB (up from $25 for 2 GB), and $50 for 5 GB (up from $45 for 4 GB). As you can see, you’ll get more data for the extra cost, and if you’re a current AT&T customer happy with your plan, you can keep it and stay at the same rate. AT&T’s take on the increases: they’re for the good of the customer. The Wall Street Journal spoke with an AT&T representative: “‘Data usage is increasing at about 40% a year,’ said spokesman Mark Siegel. ‘We want to give customers more data upfront.’”

Of course, if you were an AT&T wireless customer a couple years ago, you might still be one of the dwindling, lucky ones to have an unlimited data plan. No word on if/when that will change.

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Yes, but even for customers that still have unlimited data plans, such as myself, our data is already being throttled down by AT&T. After exceeding 5GB downloaded on my iPhone 4 earlier this month, I was notified that I was approaching the top 5% of all AT&T users in terms of data consumption and that my data speeds may be reduced. In practice, over the past several days, that reduction has made web browsing and streaming essentially impossible. Full songs are skipped on Pandora due to lack of bandwidth, Netflix streams for approximately 30 seconds and then buffers for approximatley 30 seconds or more, TweetDeck, Foursquare, Google+ and other apps regularly time out, and web browsing is excruciatingly slow.

As a long-time AT&T customer who has long relied on my iPhone to help keep me tethered to social media while on the go, this is incredibly frustrating and professionally incapacitating...

I'll drop a line should AT&T respond to my comments on Twitter, but apologies if my post doesn't upload for lack of available bandwidth.


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