Anonymous continues to have a busy summer

No dog days of lounging poolside with lemonade for the showboating collective of nameless hackers. They got hacks to hack! 70 sheriff sites have been accessed by Anonymouseurs and most were hosted by a media services company in Arkansas. Word of these attacks has been leaking out for a while. The attacks were initially dismissed as trivial but there are now reports that the reported 10gb of data may have contained more sensitive material. The attacks, says Anonymous, is in retaliation for the prosecution of Anonymous sympathizers in the US and Britain (in other words, "how dare the police act like police?!")

Here's a weird passage from the Guardian:

The loose-knit international hacking collective posted a cache of data to the internet early on Saturday, including emails stolen from officers, tips that appeared to come from members of the public, credit card numbers and other information.
Tim Mayfield, a police chief in Gassville, Arkansas, told the Associated Press that some of the material posted online - including pictures of teenage girls in swimsuits - was sent to him as part of an ongoing investigation. He declined to provide more details.

Anonymous also hacked the Syrian Ministry of Defense today.

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