Cell phone conference underway in LA


MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: One of the most important annual events for the wireless industry gets underway today. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli says that it's no coincidence it's being held in Tinsletown.

LISA NAPOLI: These days the telecom industry is hoping you aren't just using your cell phone to make calls.
RAFAT ALI: One of the biggest challenges which the phone operators are facing right now is how to increase the revenues they're getting from each user.

Rafat Ali of paidContent.org says there are a number of ways the industry's trying to do that.

ALI: "Mobile entertainment, mobile content on the phones, ring tones, video, music, games . . ."

That's why you can expect a lot of announcements this week from tech companies doing deals with Hollywood companies, all in the name of making your phone an entertainment device.

In Los Angeles, I'm Lisa Napoli for Marketplace.

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