A preview of our live road show...

A preview for tomorrow's broadcast... We're going to go out on the road to see how real people are holding up what with the economic yo-yo-ing of the past week and a half. I caught up with Monica and Christine Launer this morning, mother and daughter, vineyard proprietors in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Monica Launer: Well I'm very pessimistic. I think there are problems that are going to last for many, many years. But we have not, the wine business hasn't suffered very much.

Christine Launer: Well I'm a little bit more optimistic because that was my mom and I'm her daughter. My whole family works in the wine business, we're obviously very, very careful to watch what the trends are, what consumers are doing. Maybe this is a cycle that will go through quickly -- that's what we're hopeful. But we're in it fro the long haul.

More where that came from tomorrow -- on a live road show.

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