Your own private army

A Secret Service agent keeps a watchful eye.

For most of us, feeling secure is something we have to muster from within. But for the elite few who can afford it, protection is for sale as well. And it comes in the guise of dark suits, sunglasses and ear pieces.

Chris Simovich has worked as a bodyguard, an Army Ranger and a Green Beret. He now runs his own private security firm, Global Strategies, Inc. Simovich couldn't give an exact figure for a security detail for Tess (who hopefully has a low threat level), but said that protection can be as low as $500 a day or as much as $5,000. The latter includes tracking of you and the agent, an operations management package and backfield office support.

Take a listen to the audio above to hear more about what kind of person would need extra security and what are new challenges agents are facing.

About the author

Tess Vigeland is the host of Marketplace Money, where she takes a deep dive into why we do what we do with our money.


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