The American road trip's modern appeal

Is there still an appeal in taking to the open road on vacation?

A new study by Expedia.com and Harris Interactive looked how Americans view travel in light of the current economic situation.

The study shows that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Social media is changing the travel game. For one thing, 12 percent of those surveyed say they are less likely to visit their family in person because they are able to connect with them via these networks.

And yet, people still long for the thrill of the open road. 25 percent of men and 33 percent of women want to drive across the country at least once in their lifetime.

In today's Mid-day Extra, we look at the appeal of the road trip, even amid rising fuel costs.

Here to talk with us is Jamie Jensen, author of Road Trip USA, a travel guide for some of the famous routes America has to offer.

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This is very interesting content. As a past road tripper (Did a month trip to DF, Mexico after college), I have to say doing it on bike is far superior. A couple of the quick benefits:

1. On a bike, you go at a speed slow enough to take in the journey. Want to stop for a picture, you arn't a mile past it when you realize it. Did you notice that wilf flower peaking in the ditch? Not it a car, but you sure do on bike. Further, in a car, you do crazy things like drive 1k miles to see the sunrise, and that has very dubious value?

2. Eat as much as you want while on your vacation, and probably lose weight! Those meals you eat while traveling are OK for you, since you have to keep up 3-6k extra calories a day any ways! Enjoy the extra cheese on the burger.

3. You can meet people on a bike, you can't form meaningful relationships when your in your car, and you drive past their house where they are mowing.

4. Safer: Per hour biked is far safer than per hour driven. On back roads with low trafic, cars will give wide berths.

5. Larger Freedom: With two wheels and a tent, you go, stop, eat, sleep and drink when you want. No need for gas, lots of parks, and infinite freedom of where to go the next day.

Here from Madison WI, there are dozens of good weekend bike trips, on back roads, with < 1 car per 15 minutes passing you, and all of them friendly.

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