Playlist: You must win and debt, debt, debt

Posted by Daryl Paranada

For Marketplace, Friday, June 24, 2011

TGIF. Debt talks hit an impasse this week. We go over that in our Weekly Wrap, and also discuss market volatility. Speaking of debt, some scholars say it is illegal for the U.S. to default on its obligations -- and the president could have the bills paid by executive order.

We have a commentary on how to create jobs in this economy. And speaking of jobs, in Connecticut unions have rejected givebacks, killing the state's budget. Layoffs are now likely.

Are you tuning in to Wimbledon? We've got a story on a new program launched by the United States Tennis Association aimed at hooking in younger players by shrinking courts and racquets. Ace!

Finally, a final note on the Winklevoss brothers -- suing Facebook for what seems like the umpteenth time. And, catch our interview with singer/songwriter Alina Simone as she discusses her life in indie rock and her new book. We played her song on today's broadcast.

Here are the other songs we played:

  • Cry Baby -- Nikka CostaBuy
  • Viva La Vida -- Rock Star 101Buy
  • Two Matchsticks -- The Wooden BirdsBuy
  • Faithful -- AnwarriorBuy
  • Whatever You Like -- T.I.Buy
  • Glitterati -- Alina SimoneBuy

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