ICYMI: China's toxic harvest, Dove's new ad and 5 other stories you shouldn't miss

An example of one of the sketches from the forensic artist in the Dove "True Beauty" ad campaign video.

Every Monday, one Marketplace staff member offers their favorite stories from the past week. Here's some of the journalism that caught my attention this past week.

  • Rob Schmitz gave us a complete web package on the toxic harvests in China -- check out all the pictures and video he captured on the field.
  • Peter O'Dowd went above and beyond on this web exclusive. He got the guy who bought a pair of Google Glasses -- and the story of what happened next.
  • Krissy Clark got an early in with the guys whose job it was to sift through video evidence -- and updated her online piece as the Boston story developed.

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Sarah Gilbert is managing editor at Marketplace.


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