Fourth richest woman in the U.S. has an unusual celebrity connection

In this 28 February, 2006, file photo, former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith arrives at the US Supreme Court with her attorney, Howard Stern (L) in Washington D.C.

This final note today, which comes with the caveat that I don't invent the news -- I just tell you what it is.

The fourth richest woman in the country is in the news today. Elaine Tettemer Marshall is her name. She's 70 years old, and Bloomberg reports she owns 15 percent of Koch Industries -- a stake worth almost $13 billion.

The funny part is that despite her wealth -- which she got following the death of her husband E. Pierce Marshall -- we've never heard much about her, even though her money's been at the center of two Supreme Court cases involving her mother-in-law: Anna Nicole Smith.

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