Bush making sure his new rules stick

President George W. Bush signing a document at his desk in the Oval Office


Kai Ryssdal:
The federal government is about nothing if it's not about rules.
And as it prepares to leave office, the Bush administration's working to make sure the rules it wants stay on the books.
Regulations for everything from endangered species to the Family Medical Leave Act.
Marketplace's Steve Henn reports.

Steve Henn:
Democratic Senator Chris Dodd wrote the Family Medical Leave Act. He's worried Bush's new regulations will make it harder for working Americans to take time off to care for loved ones.

Chris Dodd: This administration has always been hostile to family medical leave. What bothers me here is you have about 60 days to go for this administration and they are obviously jamming this stuff.

Tomorrow, the White House will open up 2 million acres of public land for oil shale exploration. It's finalizing a rule that allows coal mines to strip off mountain tops and dump the waste in streams.
Last week it cemented a rule that lets truckers stay on the road -- without a break -- for 11 hours a day.

And it's pushing to reclassify some hazardous waste so it can be burned as fuel.

Joan Claybrook: Wow. There are a lot of bad ones.

Joan Claybrook is president of Public Citizen.

Claybrook: There will be a lot of harm to the public, there is just no question about it.

Bush isn't the only president to pull this trick right before leaving office. President Clinton set the gold standard -- issuing 27,000 pages of rules in his final months.
But Bush was able to roll some of those rules back because they hadn't been in force more than 60 days. Now his team's trying to make sure his rules stick.

Matt Madia: Essentially what they are doing is trying to prevent the Obama administration from doing to them what they did to President Clinton.

Matt Madia is a regulatory watchdog at OMB watch.

Madia: They are going to try to handcuff the Obama administration.

Check your calendars. It's 64 days before inauguration and Madia says we can expect a flood of new rules before the week is out.

In Washington, I'm Steve Henn for Marketplace.

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I fear Obama is going to do some bad things to our country, I hope President Bush will do everything he can to protect us before he leaves office.

bush,bush,said he looked in purtins eyes and seen,his soul,wher in the world is bush soul ,because we can not,see it or do he have one??

This seems to be the manner in which the Bush presidency has been run - hide behind or misrepresent the truth, do anything and everything in his power to ensure he gets his own way, do nothing to improve the state of the environment, and above al help the oil industry improve their bottom line. It only proves that we, the voting citizens of the United States of America, need more oversight and control of what our elected officials do while they are in office (including the president).

How does he not need Congressional and Senate approval? I'm confused.

Perhaps in the near future we will see a 'Signing Statement' which voids everything Bush bungled in Washington. . .or anywhere for that matter

How does he not need Congressional and Senate approval? I'm confused.

Perhaps in the near future we will see a 'Signing Statement' which voids everything Bush bungled in Washington. . .or anywhere for that matter

your reporters' distress that someone might out-clinton clinton was obvious. you didn't say a word about what monstrosities clinton tried to foist on us that bush was able to thwart, nor did you suggest what obama monstrosities bush might be trying to pre-empt, nor did you remind anyone how much the taxpayers got cheated by clinton's pardon of mark rich alone. marketschlock, i guess. why don't you guys stick to money, if you really know much about that.

"There oughta be a law", or rule against that. This proves to me once again the the big W stands for What the hell does he think he is doing? I mean come on... a rule to allow truck drivers to be on the road for 11 hours?? Stripping mountain tops for coal and dumping the waste in streams?? Is this being reported anywhere else? Is this the family values of the republican party we keep hearing about? These rules sound pretty twisted if you ask me. Since when did George Bush actually do work in the White House? Really he should just be gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. Leave the work to people who care.

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