The 10 Most Shopaholic Cities

With signs consumer spending is making a bit of a rebound, the website called Bundle did a little analysis.

Which U.S. cities are the biggest for shopaholics?

And by shopaholics, they mean the people who buy the most clothing, shoes and other items we wear -- calculated by average dollar amount spent per person per month.

Seattle ranked 8.

Nashville, Tenn. 3rd.

Who's number one?

Washington, DC -- where the average resident spends $263 a month on wearable items.

The Full Top Ten:

  1. Bakersfield, Calif.
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Seattle, Wash.
  4. San Jose, Calif.
  5. San Francisco, Calif.
  6. Dallas, Texas
  7. Scottsdale, Ariz.
  8. Nashville, Tenn.
  9. Arlington, Va.
  10. Washington, DC

Think your city should have made the list?

About the author

Steve Chiotakis was the host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012.


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