The dark side of Disneyland

Every wonder what happens at the happiest place on earth after all the guests leave?

Well, according to a recent article by the Los Angeles Times, 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators descend on the park. "The primary goal of the after-hours crew is to pursue Disney's vision of an immaculate land, free of the litter and grime of the outside world."

According to the story, Disneyland's cleanliness is key to its success, and one of the reasons attendance jumped last year, despite the economic downturn.

In any case, it's interesting to read about the sometimes bizarre and icky tasks employees have to perform in order to keep the park going and which, most visitors never consider. For example...

--"Four certified divers collect submerged trash and make repairs on water attractions like Finding Nemo and the Jungle Cruise."

-- Others scrape "dried chewing gum from the pavement with metal blades attached to long poles."

Oh, and apparently, cats roam Disneyland at night, feeding at one of the five permanent feeding stations set up for them. Employees also make sure the adult cats are spayed and neutered, though they say they want some cats around because the kitties take care of those pesky rodents. Who knew?

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Does it need to be a conspiracy for the right to privacy to be eroded?

If you go to their house, you play by their corporate rules, corporate personhood being what it is...

In response to the previous poster...

Come on, it's just one finger. And it's linked to the ticket to make sure you don't transfer it to another person to gain multiple entries with the same ticket. Not some conspiracy.

The Dark Side of Walt Disney World (and Universal Studios) is that they take fingerprints as a prerequisite for admission. And everyone seems to comply without complaint. It assures the corporation that visitors can't give a multi-day pass to someone else. There's no reason and no benefit to visitors for taking fingerprints.

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