The Future

I have news, dear reader. Tomorrow will be the last day of the Scratch Pad blog and my last day at Marketplace.

The grant paying for my position is running out, and it won't be renewed. Such are the times. But while the blog as you've known it is going away, Marketplace's commitment to a dynamic, thought-provoking website is not.

I'd like to introduce our new web producer, Matt Berger. Matt has some great ideas for improving Marketplace.org, and he'd like to hear yours as well. Matt writes:

As we bid farewell to the Scratch Pad blog we're excited about what's to come for Marketplace.org. Over the next few weeks and months you will notice a number of changes and additions to the site, including more contributors, new types of multimedia features, and updates to our homepage and site design.

To make this possible, we're investing in new staff and new technology that will allow us to expand our depth and breadth of coverage and provide new ways for our community of listeners to access the editors and reporters who contribute to Marketplace day in and day out.

Some things won't change, however. We'll continue to deliver our regular radio programming, as well as daily reports on business news that matters, and special online features like our popular video series The Whiteboard with Senior Editor Paddy Hirsh, which continues to attract new fans who appreciate Paddy's smart and approachable explanations of complex business subjects.

Before we get too far, we'd love to hear your feedback. How do you think we can we improve Marketplace.org? Post your comments and ideas below...

Please do. As for me, I'll be off to new and exciting adventures. Contact me on Facebook if you'd like to stay in touch.

Apologies for the short notice, but Matt just came on board this week, and we weren't sure exactly how and when we would be making this transition.

I'll write another post tomorrow wrapping things up, but I won't be able to say enough how much I've appreciated your participation in this blog. By adding your diverse knowledge and perspectives, you've greatly enhanced the discussion on our website, and I hope you'll continue to do so going forward.

Many thanks.

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Good luck out there Scott! If I ever get a Facebook account I'll follow you on it.

sorry to hear that you're heading out. i download the podcasts every morning and i've always appreciated your thoughts and insights on the market and its oddities. hope the future brings good things to you soon.

<b>thank you</b>

As the newcomer here I wanted to start by echoing everyone's comments about Scott's great work with the Scratch Pad blog. When I learned the grant had ended I was equally as dismayed, since I was really looking forward to working with Scott on the evolution of Marketplace.org.

Things won't be the same without him, but I speak for the entire Marketplace team when I say that we willl continue to work hard to serve you online, and you're feedback throughout this process will be essential to our success.

P.S. We will maintain his blog archive indefinitely.


I am really sorry to hear to that. Reading your blog on Marketplace.org had become a habit and I will miss it for sure.

Thanks for all the good posts and best of luck for your future endeavors.

Puzzling indeed..Anyway, all the best Scott..I hope they continue with the morning reading publication because you really had it just the perfect. If it is possible to have a pledge drive specifically to have you write here then I am ready to chip in

Thanks for a consistently worthwhile blog. Always a concise, well written potpourri of business news. As Paddy mentioned, your integrity shone through. You will do well wherever you go.

What a shame! I enjoyed your Morning Report and Blog greatly. You will be missed.

You will be truly missed. Thanks for all of your insights in the Scratch Pad. I learned a lot.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, and hopefully you'll be back someday.

With much appreciation,



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