Small business owners on the Buffett Rule

Apr 11, 2012
Two small business owners discuss how the proposed Buffett Rule might impact them, if at all.
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County health rankings: Who's the healthiest of them all?

Apr 3, 2012
The University of Wisconsin has released the third annual county health rankings. The survey has become a competitive tool for businesses and local governments concerned about the cost of health care.
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As Illinois primary unfolds, House GOP unveils budget plan

Mar 20, 2012
Congressional Republicans unveiled their 2013 budget today. It's more draconian than the president's. Will it become the fiscal blueprint for GOP lawmakers' election campaigns?
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Rising gas prices offset payroll tax savings

Feb 17, 2012
Consumer savings from the payroll tax cut, which lawmakers just voted to extend for another year, were erased by higher gasoline prices. The same scenario is likely this year.
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Mid-Day Extra: Madonna scores Super Bowl win

Feb 6, 2012
The original diva, 53-year-old international pop star Madonna, delivered a touchdown performance during the Super Bowl half-time show. But how much will she score on album sales?
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What happened to the factories in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?

Jan 17, 2012
Fred Rogers' "How Things are Made" videos are a nostalgic look back at U.S. factories -- as we churned out toys, crayons, and clothes. Do any of those companies still operate?
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What we hear can affect how we work

Jan 2, 2012
Sound plays a large role in our overall health. And whether your an office drone or factory worker, different types of music can help or hurt your performance.
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Super Bowl XLVI goes mobile

Dec 21, 2011
Multi-viewing sports fans charge your gadgets. NBC, Verizon and the NFL are joining forces to live-stream the big game.
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The secret life of discounts

Dec 16, 2011
It's sale mania out there. A look behind the method to all the discount madness this holiday season.
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Mid-day Extra: Are cheaters more creative?

Nov 30, 2011
A new study suggests that creative-minded people might also be more likely to cheat -- and find a good reason for it after the fact.
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