Filling up on sports coverage

May 10, 2007
From your cell phone to the gas pump, technology is making it easier than ever to watch games and get sports news just about anytime, anywhere. And that's nudging the industry ever closer to the entertainment model, says David Carter.
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You gotta pay to play, kids

May 7, 2007
Critics of a deal that gives 20 NYC private schools dibs on the best practice times at Randall's Island ball fields say it's shutting out low-income kids who would most benefit from the space. Alisa Roth has the story.
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Study: Foul calls are often black and white

May 2, 2007
A study has found that white NBA referees call more fouls on black players, and black refs call more on white players. Allan Schwarz of The New York Times wrote a story about it. He talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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The biggest non-event on sports TV

Apr 26, 2007
The NFL's 2007 draft takes place this weekend, an occasion that will draw more viewers to ESPN than any sporting event other than Monday Night Football. David Carter tells us what that means for sponsors.
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Another NHL ratings flop

Apr 20, 2007
It's NHL playoff time and fans are attending games — but no one's watching on TV. Diana Nyad says maybe it's time for the league to come through on that promise of a dedicated 24-hour NHL Network.
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NHL's ratings still in the deep freeze

Apr 19, 2007
Attendance at its games remains strong, but the National Hockey League's TV audience is a fraction of what it once was. Sports-business analyst Ed Derse discusses the NHL's challenges with host Bob Moon.
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LA v. Chicago decision at hand

Apr 12, 2007
This weekend, the U.S. Olympic Committee will choose which city gets to move forward with America's bid to host the 2016 Olympics. And it's going to be a tough decision says USC's David Carter.
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Swimming championships hardly make a splash

Mar 29, 2007
Swimmers get plenty of attention during the Olympics but, otherwise, the sport suffers from four-year dry spells. Our business-of-sports analyst Diana Nyad's been watching coverage of the World Swimming Championships.
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Go endorse 'em, Tiger

Mar 29, 2007
Tiger Woods is the most marketable active athlete by a long shot — and he still will be five years from now, according to a survey of sports business and media execs. So what is it that makes him the gold standard of sports endorsement?
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Coaches advance through the salary brackets

Mar 23, 2007
College basketball coaches are already among the highest-paid employees at universities — but taking a team to the Sweet 16 and beyond can propel them into a whole new salary league.
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