A day at the racinos

Aug 17, 2007
Who'da thought slot machines would save horse racing. Tracks have been struggling to keep their gates open for a while now, but the casinozation concept is working so well, Diana Nyad predicts they'll all have slots one day soon.
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Stretching the business of relaxation

Aug 15, 2007
Americans will pay plenty to de-stress and relax, and where there are consumers, there are advertisers wanting to reach out to them. And it turns out even people just thinking about a healthier lifestyle make good consumers. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains.
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Putting a price on a record-breaking ball

Aug 8, 2007
How much is Barry Bonds' record-breaking home-run ball worth? We called around to some sports memorabilia folks to find out.
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UK firm gets into ticket resale biz

Aug 7, 2007
One week after StubHub signs an exclusive deal to sell MLB tickets, a British company called Viagogo teams up with the Cleveland Browns. But critics say the deals only encourage scalpers. Stephen Beard reports.
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Sports ticket scalping goes digital

Aug 2, 2007
Online ticket reseller StubHub has a new deal with Major League Baseball that give the site exclusive rights to resell tickets in concert with the league. Steve Henn explains why this might make it harder for fans to get reasonably priced seats.
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U.S. still a good sport towards China

Aug 2, 2007
Despite problems with tainted imports, the U.S. still wants to do business in China, and is doing so increasingly through sports. Kai Ryssdal talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad.
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Is StubHub's MLB catch good for fans?

Aug 2, 2007
The eBay ticket-trading service gets an exclusive deal with baseball to re-sell tickets on team Websites. But critics complain about the markup, and the move could block cheaper competitors. Steve Henn reports.
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A penny found is a penny taxed

Aug 1, 2007
As stands full of baseball fans dream of catching Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball, attorney and commentator Conrad Teitell reminds us that finders may be keepers, but Uncle Sam wants his cut.
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Sponsors steer clear of Bonds milestone

Jul 20, 2007
As Barry Bonds inches closer to Hank Aaron's career home runs record, we're not seeing the type of fanfare that would usually accompany such a feat, points out Diana Nyad, because advertisers don't want to risk being associated with the S-word.
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Beckham's star power shines in L.A. Galaxy

Jul 19, 2007
Soccer star David Beckham is slated to play his first game for the Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday night, assuming his injured ankle is OK. Tess Vigeland spoke with our sports-business expert Ed Derse about all things Beckham.
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