High-tech innovation in short supply

Dec 6, 2007
To make up for a shortage of mathmaticians and computer scientists in the U.S., many companies turn to outsourcing. But Dan Grech reports the congressional limit on work visas might also be pushing out innovation.
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The subprime effect on new Americans

Dec 5, 2007
Subprime mortgages may be hurting the market now, but at some point these loans helped someone buy their first home. Dan Grech has the story of one immigrant family's housing success, then struggle.
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Iraqi refugees returning, but to what?

Nov 30, 2007
Tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees are estimated to have returned home. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Syria says hundreds of Iraqis are leaving every day. Kai Ryssdal talks with the agency's Sybella Wilkes in Damascus.
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INS plans to speed Cuban immigration

Nov 23, 2007
The Immigration and Naturalization Service has launched new measures to speed up the immigration process for Cubans. At the same time, the U.S. government is already dealing with a huge backlog of pending cases. Dan Grech reports.
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Mexico offers 3-for-1 on ex-pats' money

Nov 7, 2007
Mexicans living abroad are expected to send home more than $25 billion this year. Most of that will go to their families. But communities benefit, too, thanks to a matching program with a twist. Joy Diaz reports.
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Raising the H-1B cap to help high-tech

Nov 6, 2007
The limited number of H-1B visas available to skilled foreign workers in the U.S. is a problem for smaller high-tech firms, who get beaten out by big fish like Microsoft. Rachel Dornhelm reports on improvements to the U.S. work visa system.
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Power from pond scum

Oct 31, 2007
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is going to restart its research into algae as a replacement for oil and gas. In fact, the lab is going to team up with Chevron for the project. Michael Montgomery reports.
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U.S.-Mexico illegal immigration down

Oct 29, 2007
Homeland Security is projecting much smaller numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants than last year. Alisa Roth reports the decrease might not just be due to a harder-working border patrol.
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Blue Card: Don't leave home without it?

Oct 23, 2007
In an effort to attract highly skilled immigrant workers, the European Union is proposing its version of the U.S. "green card" visa. It would offer faster approval and employment guarantees. And it has U.S. businesses worried. Dan Grech reports.
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Blue is the new Green card

Oct 23, 2007
The E.U. is unveiling a "Blue Card" program in an effort to better retain its pool of skilled foreign workers. Kyle James juxtaposes Europe's new work visa with the U.S. Green Card.
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