Arizona immigration law supporters try to offset financial boycott

Jun 8, 2010
Opponents of Arizona's harsh new immigration law want to boycott the state, but others are mounting their own economic stimulus for Arizona.
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Ariz. immigration law's impact on labor

May 28, 2010
Arizona's new law targeting undocumented immigrants hasn't taken effect yet, but activists aren't waiting. Tomorrow, protesters take to the streets in Arizona and 22 other states. Some of those marching in solidarity will be union leaders. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Arizona immigration law concerns Census workers

May 26, 2010
Arizona's new immigration law has ignited fear among illegal immigrants, a group already reluctant to fill out government forms. Peter O'Dowd reports.
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The dark side of Chinese adoptions

May 5, 2010
When Americans adopt babies from China, most assume they've been abandoned. But a scandal in 2005, in which 6 orphanages were found to be buying babies, threw that in doubt. Scott Tong reports that baby selling may be more widespread.
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Take My Daughter: Confessions of a Chinese baby trafficker

May 5, 2010
Reporter Scott Tong shares the backstory of his report on the dark side of China's adoption system, including how one convicted baby trafficker offered to sell Scott his daughter during an interview.
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Your thoughts on Chinese adoptions

May 5, 2010
Are you shocked to hear about China's questionable adoption practices? Read the reactions of some Americans who have adopted Chinese babies. And share your thoughts on Scott Tong's coverage of Chinese adoptions.
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'Arizona' products carry boycott potential

Apr 29, 2010
Arizona is facing a big backlash over its immigration law, as we reported. But now even businesses with loose associations to Arizona are bearing...
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Arizona faces immigrant law backlash

Apr 27, 2010
Arizona's tough new legislation targeting undocumented immigrants has made the state itself a target. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Businesses fret over AZ immigration bill

Apr 23, 2010
Arizona is deciding whether or not to veto the country's toughest immigration bill. Some business leaders worry it force some businesses to leave the state. Jill Barshay reports.
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Many health workers from abroad

Mar 26, 2010
A study out today shows a large portion of low-skilled health workers who provide care for the elderly and others are immigrants. John Dimsdale explores why immigration law could benefit from new policies on health professionals abroad.
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