AZ immigration law may be too hard

Mar 8, 2010
Some say the measures in a hard-line immigration bill likely to pass in the Arizona legislature would go too far. Jeff Tyler reports the bill would also have potentially high costs for the state police department.
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Hispanic immigrants strain resources

Jan 22, 2010
A recent study discredited a slew of stereotypes aimed at Latino workers who move to small rural towns. But in some areas, an increase in Hispanic migrants is straining school and hospital systems. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Debunking Latino worker stereotypes

Jan 21, 2010
Hispanic migrants moving to rural towns for work are often vulnerable to an unwelcome response from the community. But a recent study puts many stereotypes to rest about the perceived negative impacts of Latino workers. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Arizona sending more illegals to feds

Jan 1, 2010
Arizona has been sending illegal immigrants it's detained to federal prisons to serve the final months of their sentences, thus sticking the federal taxpayer with the bill. Now Arizona's governor is stepping up the program. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Economy hits elderly immigrants hard

Oct 16, 2009
Elderly immigrants are being forced to postpone retirement because of the recession. But they're having trouble finding work, and get little in the way of government assistance. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Abuse grows for low-wage workers

Sep 11, 2009
Day laborers and activists are on Capitol Hill today pushing for immigration reform. They argue the economic crisis has meant growing abuse of illegal workers -- and the practice is spreading to legal ones, too. Steve Henn reports.
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U.S. checking contractor citizenship

Sep 4, 2009
Next week, government contractors will have to verify the citizenship of their employees by entering them into a database. But the process comes with its share of costs and complications. John Dimsdale reports.
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U.K. toughens laws on immigration

Aug 6, 2009
It used to be pretty easy to earn U.K. citizenship as long as you managed to stay out of trouble. But now British government is implementing stricter policies on who can enter and live in the country. Christopher Werth reports.
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Immigration to U.S. slows to a trickle

Jul 22, 2009
Immigration from Mexico has slowed dramatically according to a new report out today from the Pew Hispanic Center. As Mitchell Hartman reports, the economy on both sides of the border is a major factor in the human ebb and flow.
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Activists see benefits in citizenship

Jun 25, 2009
President Obama will talk immigration today as activists call for citizenship for undocumented workers. Supporters say legalizing the 12 million or so workers could mean billions in economic benefits. Jeff Tyler reports.
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