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health care reform law


Looking at the real costs of health care

Mar 27, 2012
Can the government force uninsured individuals to buy health insurance? It's known as the individual mandate, and today the Supreme Court hears arguments over its constitutionality.
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What broccoli has to do with health care

Mar 27, 2012
Even the Supreme Court is beating up on the defenseless green vegetable. So, how did broccoli end up in a legal battle over health care?
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Health care arguments conclude: Day One

Mar 26, 2012
What happened inside the health care reform proceedings today, live from outside the Supreme Court.
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Supreme Court hears first day of health care arguments

Mar 26, 2012
After sitting in on the proceedings inside the Supreme Court, health care reporter Gregory Warner recaps the first day of oral arguments.
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What to expect from the health care hearing

Mar 26, 2012
Today, the Supreme Court begins a monumental three-day hearing on the Affordable Care Act.
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What's at stake in the health care decision

Mar 26, 2012
It's day one of Supreme Court arguments over President Barack Obama's health care reform law.
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What health care reform means for small businesses

Mar 26, 2012
In the Supreme Court today, arguments over the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's massive health care reform will be heard. The challenge is being brought by 26 states -- and also small business organizations.
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Markets reacting to health care hearings

Mar 26, 2012
Twenty-six states are challenging the law, parts of which are already in place. Could the arguments for either side be affecting investors today?
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Health insurance industry keeping close eye on proceedings

Mar 26, 2012
The health insurance industry had supported the health care reform bill, but if the Supreme Court decides to get rid of the individual mandate, that could cause a lot of trouble for the industry.
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Businesses find opportunities in health reform law

Mar 2, 2012
For all the talk by Republicans about the dangers of "Obamacare," there are some who view the law as good for business.
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