Europe debt crisis


Euro debt problems flare up in Spain

Apr 30, 2012
Spain has officially slipped back into recession and to make matters worse, Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the credit rating on 11 Spanish banks. That makes it harder for those banks to borrow money.
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How much of a problem is Spain's economy?

Apr 30, 2012
Economist Edward Hugh discusses how Spain's economic woes compare to Greece and whether the country is "bailout-able."
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French elections could shift euro debt crisis

Apr 23, 2012
Incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy came in second yesterday to Socialist Francois Hollande in the first round of voting. The two candidates will face a run-off on May 6th, and the ultimate outcome could have big consequences for Europe's debt crisis.
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Markets hit by uncertainty of French election

Apr 23, 2012
European markets are down significantly, and that's being blamed on elections over the weekend in France that increase the likelihood that Conservative President Nicholas Sarkozy will lose his job.
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A new dawn after yesterday's market lows

Apr 11, 2012
Coming off Tuesday's worst showing for stocks this year -- both in the U.S. and Europe -- there is a new dawn today. Market players are showing a renewed appetite for risk, including stocks, at least so far on this Wednesday.
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European debt crisis hasn't gone away

Apr 11, 2012
Recent turmoil in global markets is partly due to worries over Europe's debt crisis. Elections scheduled in France and Greece add to the uncertainty.
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Markets running scared as European fears return

Apr 11, 2012
U.S. stocks had their worst day of the year yesterday, in part because analysts say the European debt crisis is back after months of relative calm.
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Spain continues to struggle against debt problems

Apr 5, 2012
Government borrowing costs reach a five month high in Spain, having many worried that the country will soon take the biggest problem in Europe crown from Greece.
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Budget issues hurt Greece's 2012 Olympic plans

Apr 5, 2012
Today, the Greek Athletics Federation laid out what it sees as a "bleak future" for sports. The federation has suspended track and field events as part of budget cutbacks. That puts into question Greece's ability compete in the London Olympics this summer.
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Is the European debt crisis resurfacing?

Apr 5, 2012
There are some economic headwinds blowing strong right now. And one of them is coming from Spain where a disappointing bond auction yesterday sent government borrowing costs to a 5 month high and renewed fears about the European Debt Crisis.
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