A tough lesson in the lending industry

Apr 25, 2008
Student loan rates may reset to new lows in July, but as Stacey Vanek-Smith explains, deciding to consolidate now or after the rate change involves rolling the dice.
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Student loans are getting whacked

Apr 17, 2008
Bank of America and a unit of Citigroup have joined a growing list of lenders cutting back on student loan programs. At the same time, the House passed an emergency bill that would enable lenders to have more cash to keep making loans. John Dimsdale reports.
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Congress takes up student loans

Apr 17, 2008
The House was expected to pass legislation today aimed at stabilizing and expanding the federally guaranteed student loan market. Steve Henn reports.
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It's time to study the value of college

Apr 16, 2008
College education costs continue to soar at the same time studies show college graduates getting paid less. Commentator David Frum says Americans should re-examine the real value of a college degree in today's economy.
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Textbook costs getting hard to cover

Apr 15, 2008
A growing chunk of college costs is the price of textbooks, on which the typical undergraduate spends $900 a year. So a group of college professors is calling for low-priced and free texts online. Congress is getting involved, too. Jill Barshay reports.
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Higher prices land on school lunch trays

Apr 14, 2008
Rising food prices are making most everyday shoppers a bit more cost-conscious. So imagine what it's like for people who are trying to buy healthy foods for schools' hot-lunch programs. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Consolidating student loans

Mar 28, 2008
If you're sitting on a mountain of student loans, doing nothing for a few months might actually be your best move. Tess gets the details from Anna Maria Andriotis.
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Teaching Iraqi children to look ahead

Mar 25, 2008
Three-quarters of a million Iraqis displaced by the war are in Jordan. They're spread throughout the local communities, where they've had to find places to live, enough to eat, and an education for their children. Alisa Roth reports.
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Combo ID/debit cards snare students

Mar 21, 2008
Some universities are offering students ID cards that do double duty as debit cards. Lisa asks Kathy Chu about the controversial move.
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Keeping doors open for students

Mar 14, 2008
Congress is concerned about an imminent crisis in the student loan industry. Jeremey Hobson looks into the subprime crunch's spillover into educational funding and why some lenders are closing up shop.
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