Schools race for piece of federal grant

Jan 18, 2010
States are competing for a piece of a $4.3 billion federal education grant. Winning depends on statewide programs to boost student performance and on improvements at individual schools. Jennifer Collins reports on the "Race to the Top."
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Compensation rises for college execs

Jan 18, 2010
A Chronicle of Higher Education survey shows the median salary for a public university president rose to $436,000 last year, up 2.3% from the previous year. The Chronicle's Jeff Selingo shares the details of the survey with host Tess Vigeland.
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New Barnes & Noble service rents texts

Jan 11, 2010
Barnes & Noble, one of the biggest operators of college bookstores, says it's expanding its textbook rental program. Alisa Roth reports.
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More Latinos filling community colleges

Jan 8, 2010
Increasing numbers of students are starting their pursuit of higher education at community colleges. Among them are minorities, Latinos especially, who see the schools as a good first step. Emily Hanford reports.
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A push for Latinos to pursue education

Jan 7, 2010
Latinos are the fastest-growing part of the U.S. population. But Latino students are the least likely to get college degrees, so they're getting special attention. Emily Hanford reports.
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States vie for federal education grants

Jan 4, 2010
The deadline is approaching for states to apply for more than $4 billion in federal education grants. States are scrambling to be eligible as the most innovative reforms will get the largest grants. John Dimsdale reports.
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Law school loan payback won't be brief

Jan 1, 2010
The average law student takes out $60,000 to $90,000 for school. And despite what you think, they're not all making big bucks right after graduation. Some can't even find a job. Sally Herships reports.
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What's my major? Health insurance.

Dec 23, 2009
With the economy still struggling and unemployment holding at double digits a lot of new college graduates can't find jobs, let alone jobs with health insurance. So some students are getting smart about staying insured. Sarah Varney reports.
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Student loan defaults may hurt schools

Dec 14, 2009
New figures show students who attend for-profit colleges default at much higher rates than those at nonprofit schools. If those default rates get too high, schools can be kicked out of federal loan and grant programs. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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Government takeover of student loans?

Dec 4, 2009
If you've received a student loan lately, chances are you have the government to thank. Private lending has been in short supply. Now, Congress is considering eliminating the middleman completely. Bob Moon reports.
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